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Energizer Maintenance Operator/Mechanic in Fennimore, Wisconsin

Position Summary

The Maintenance Operator must be capable of operating, setting up, maintaining and repairing a wide variety of production equipment with a minimum of supervision. Specific Accountabilities

The Maintenance Operator should be familiar with the quality requirements of the job as stated in the Job Quality Analysis and will be responsible for following all quality procedures as prescribed by the quality representative of the Value Stream team. Since quality is such an important part of this job, all potential or actual quality problems must be reported to the supervisor immediately. High standards of housekeeping are to be practiced and maintained by the Maintenance Operator at all times. Maintenance Operator, due to the nature of the job and particular circumstances at the time, may be called upon by their supervisor to perform other tasks in connection with their jobs which may overlap with others. It is understood that in instances of this nature, the tasks as assigned will be performed in the best interest of the plant. The description of this job covers only a general outline of the duties of the job. Due to the varied nature of the daily work operations, it is impossible to include a detailed description of all miscellaneous tasks a Maintenance Operator may be called upon to do from day to day. It is understood that, in every instance, the Maintenance Operator is expected to produce a full shift of work and that the supervisor, where possible, will provide a full shift of work. This individual trained through on-site and on-the-job instruction in the handling of all hazardous waste to conform to the EPA's RCRA regulations (CFR 40 part 265.16). A general outline of safety and leadership duties follows: Required Skills and Experience

1. Diagnose mechanical difficulties and correct those requiring machine adjustment, replacement of parts or minor reworking of existing elements. 2. Operate assigned equipment to produce a quality product. Shares the responsibility with other team members. 3. Insure that all equipment is operating properly and producing at acceptable quality standards. 4. Work to close tolerances and make adjustments to intricate and precise machinery. 5. Able to tear down, inspect, and reassemble, with new or reworked parts, all of the equipment assigned to the Maintenance Operator. 6. Have sufficient initiative and ingenuity to occasionally make workable suggestions for improvement of existing equipment. It is required that the Maintenance Operator be "safety minded" at all times. 7. Insure that the quality of the work meets established standards and specifications. 8. Know the product and process well enough to anticipate problems with the equipment or material before they happen and thus avoid scrap and downtime. 9. Complete assigned preventative maintenance tasks in a timely manner. 10. Production setup and crossover for incoming shift. 11. This position requires occasional overtime above the scheduled overtime that comes with the continuous work schedule. Preferred Skills and Experience

Safety 1. Thoroughly know and understand the JSHA and follow all safety procedures. 2. Safety glasses with side shields will be worn at all times in the production area. 3. Wear all personal protective equipment (i.e., hearing protection, safety shoes, safety glasses, gloves, etc.) in areas where they are required. 4. Never by-pass or open any guards to work on the equipment or clear jams before completely shutting off all power/energy to that equipment. 5. Be familiar with the MSDS and handling procedures for hazardous materials in the area you are working. 6. Make sure all containers are properly labeled and stored. 7. All lifting will be done with the legs, not by bending your back. 8. All skids are to be laid flat on the floor, not on end. 9. Keep the floor clear from slipping and tripping hazards. 10. Report all unsafe practices/conditions to your supervisor immediately upon recognizing them as unsafe. 11. Know the location of emergency fire routes and exits, eyewash stations, and storm shelters. 12. Avoid any unsafe working positions that might result in overexertion, falls, or strains. Always use ergonomically correct procedures. 13. Use the correct tools/equipment/materials for the job and use them safely and properly. 14. All colleagues are to read, understand and follow lockout/tagout procedures. 15.  Quality/Production Duties 16. Clear all jams. 17. Make all process adjustments necessary to assure good quality parts. 18. Assure all scrap is discharged to proper containers. 19. Maintain accurate inventory records and quality control charts. 20. Perform miscellaneous duties as specified by supervisor. 21. Perform all quality checks and maintain quality control charts as directed by the Value Stream. 22. Complete all reports (production, downtime, quality, etc.) as directed by your supervisor.

1.  General Items 2. Maintain the work area in a clean orderly manner. Periodically wipe down the equipment. 3. Promote good housekeeping throughout plant. 4. Operators are expected to make constructive recommendations for operations improvement and to help reduce waste. 5. Support a team-based environment by helping others, participating in, or the general support of various teams. Working Relationships & Environment

Work Environment: Working conditions are normal for manufacturing and an office environment. The above information on this description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this job/classification. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job.

Energizer Holdings, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.