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Position Summary

A Cycle Counter is a full-time hourly job with a primary focus on SAP/Inventory maintenance, managing the daily Back flush Error logs, and performing regular material cycle counts.


•Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills

•Methodical work style with close attention to detail

•Ability to work independently with little supervision

•Ability to report trends and share suggestions

•Manage Daily Back flush Error corrections which includes but is not limited to:

a.Daily manage and clear MF47 Backflush Error Log in SAP GEMS. This requires understanding of Production Bills of Materials, Production Reporting and an overall understanding of material flow and inventory points throughout the facility.

b.Investigate and determine cause for each Backflush error and take appropriate action to insure SAP consumption and inventories are accurate.

c.Make production entry corrections, as needed. The expectation for these corrections would be a root-cause understanding and to review data summary with appropriate management to resolve.

d.After such review and corrections of the Back flush error log, take appropriate actions so as to help prevent recurrence of such errors. This can include items such as training, better organizing areas of the plant, recommendations to have product Bills of Materials changed to correct inaccurate consumptions, work closely with internal partners to insure components are consuming from the proper storage locations, one-on-one communication with Colleagues to help improve SAP performance, consuming alternate

Specific Accountabilities

•Perform Material Cycle Counts:

a.Plan/Generate cycle count calendar to satisfy SOX requirements. (Raw counted annually, WIP counted quarterly, Packed counted monthly).

b.Review material reports to ensure all materials are counted and counts documented in SAP system for auditor review as needed.

c.Adjust SAP inventory counts as needed to correct SAP inventory.

d.Investigate the cause for inventories to be inaccurate. Work to continuously improve inventory accuracy by getting to the root cause of the inaccurate inventory. Provide either one-on-one direction to Colleagues or recommendations to management about how to correct root cause.

e.Excellent record keeping and documentation required.

f.Understand cut-off procedures for performing cycle counts and coordinate monthly, quarterly and annual physical inventories per policy.

•SAP/Inventory Maintenance:

a.Count/investigate/adjust inventories at the request of buyers or Schedule Coordinator in such cases when inaccurate inventory may cause a stock-out of materials or the inability for daily production schedules to be met.

b.Recount and deeply investigate problems related to end-of-month material variances. This could involve extra counting, Bill of Material review and a detailed review of SAP material movements to help resolve variances which would lead to the root cause of the variance.

c.Regularly review/block incorrect SAP storage locations to help prevent materials from being issued into the wrong SAP storage location.


a.Thoroughly know and understand the JSHA and follow all safety procedures.

b.Know the location of emergency fire routes and exits, eyewash stations, and storm shelters.

c.Avoid any unsafe working positions that might result in overexertion, falls, or strains.

d.Always use ergonomically correct procedures.

e.Keep the floor clear from slipping and tripping hazards.

f.Report all unsafe practices/conditions to your supervisor immediately upon recognizing them as unsafe.

•Other Miscellaneous General Items

a.May be required to share inventory management process and appropriate documentation with auditors

b.May be required to enter receipts into OTC system for incoming shipments from our affiliates.

c.Operate an IPV (Industrial Powered Vehicle) on an as-needed basis

d.Give material & documentation to the shipping department for actual shipment.

e.Manage product that is mislabeled or has the wrong quantity sent to the warehouse.

f.Manage/disposition products returned from 3rd party manufacturers

g.Manage DVRC (Deviation areas) for Finishing and Hot House areas. This item involves gaining agreement on disposition and ordering/training temp agency associates to sort.

h.Any additional tasks or duties assigned by management

Required Skills and Experience

•Demonstrated proficiency in MS Office or other computerized systems

•High School Diploma or equivalent

Preferred Skills and Experience

•SAP GEMS, OTC, or other MRP system, SSO Shipment Coordination, Fork Truck Certification

•Experience in manufacturing

Working Relationships & Environment

•Reports to Finite Scheduler

•Collaborates with the Operations Supervisors, Support Staff, and members of Management to ensure consistency in achieving goals and sharing best practices for continuous improvement.

•Daily engagement with production hourly colleagues.

•Position located in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania

•Must be willing to work in production environment.

•Must wear appropriate personal protection as required by plant safety standards.

•Team-based environment that encourages colleague ownership and empowerment, keeping Safety First and Quality Always.